Strengthening Postgraduate Supervision

McKenna, S., Clarence, J., Boughey, C.,Wels, H. and Van den Heuvel, H. (2017)

We are thrilled to announce the publication of this book which brings together a collection of 15 chapters written by 18 academics from 16 disciplines in 11 institutions. The authors work across all three institutional types found in higher education in South Africa: traditional universities, comprehensive universities and universities of technology. Through this rich array of contributions, supervision is presented never as a ‘best practice’ to be generically implemented but rather as a nuanced pedagogy to be nurtured through critical reflection.


Project Publications

Conference Presentations

  • Wels, H (2013) Strengthening Postgraduate Supervision: An overview of a development initiative, Postgraduate Supervision Conference, Stellenbosch
  • McKenna, S & Boughey, C (2015) A Social Realist account of Postgraduate Supervision development, Postgraduate Supervision Conference, Stellenbosch
  • Eagle, G (2015) Student difficulties with engagement in doctoral study: personality style and supervisor responses, Postgraduate Supervision Conference, Stellenbosch
  • Lamberti, P (2015) A critical reflection on initiatives aimed at effecting systemic change in postgraduate supervision: the case of the University of Johannesburg, Postgraduate Supervision Conference, Stellenbosch
  • McKenna, S (2016) Supervision Development in a Differentiated System, Quality in Postgraduate Research Conference, Adelaide, Australia

“The whole of this course has been very worthwhile, informative and quite empowering, particularly for someone who is an emerging supervisor. I feel quite privileged to be part of this group. All that has been covered here has had impact into the way I view my role as a supervisor, the climax was on “intervision”. Where we dealt with realistic challenging scenarios in our practice and shared ideas of how to handle such situations. An issue that was not on my forehead was that of signing a contract with my students even though I have suffered as a supervisee due to such an omission.”

The broad field of expertise and participants from various disciplines were stimulating, a learning experience and at times a bit frightening – to become even more aware of how much I still have to learn BUT there are colleagues willing to join in the journey, and taking on the challenge in the learning curve and self-growth and to be supportive.”