The materials used on the Strengthening Postgraduate Supervision course are used within a Moodle based environment with features such as interactive tasks and discussion fora. The materials provided here are therefore only a few of the materials available.

Participant Guide

This guide is provided to every course participant. Download the participant guide

Points to Ponder

These booklets were developed to assist the facilitators of the course but have also been found to be of use to participants.


These are just some of the PPTS developed for the course.

Day 3
Session 1 & 2Student Writing
Short video on developing your writing
The discussions on social exclusion were very useful. As a supervisor, I will be on the look out to find ways in which to assist students personally or using additional avenues provided by the institution. The postgraduate school and the Institute for reconciliation and social justice are useful institutional structures I will use.”

“I have found this past course very useful. I have always relied on reflections about what worked for me as a doctoral student and tried to implement that with my students. I have also used what I thought might have helped me to do well, but after the sessions my thinking is now broadened, with confirmations on those things that I am doing and even more ideas about what impact certain actions might have on students’ progress. This has been such an eye opener and empowering experience for me. Developing student writing has been exceptionally appealing to me. I am certainly going to implement this right away.”